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Artists Statement

As a first year degree student of Art and Design, Frances is driven by the desire to explore a variety of media.  Although her principal passion remains print making, she welcomes the opportunity to discover new methods of expression and representation.   Natural forms remain an inspiration to Frances, which have formed the basis of her existing body of work. 

Environmental and political concerns inform her work.  She wants to explore issues that are often hidden or misunderstood, particularly those associated with displacement .  Her response to the ongoing migrant crisis has been the creation of a large-scale installation of paper-cast shoes representing the human cost of exploitation.


Her recent photographic work has been to record the possessions of her mother, who has been an avid collector of ephemera and has now left her home of many years to live in residential care.   She has also photgraphed early morning sea swimmers. 

Frances is currently working on a public art project, "Designing Spaces" where she will be developing an art space in a neighbourhood telephone box to promote growing and cultivation in her local neighbourhood.

Fascination Gallery
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